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So, sell your soul and try to fly...

but the tether still remains.

18 June 1984
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+ ... Called Sabi (pronounced 'sah-bee')
+ ... Is a Gemini and Rat
+ ... Uses too many ^^'s when typing
+ ... Has a foul mouth and a dirty mind
+ ... Loves Tatsie very much <3
+ ... Is a dedicated Jrock fan
+ ... Will eat more cheesecake than she should
+ ... Currently lives in SC with her mother, 3 young siblings and girlfriend
+ ... Is bisexual but prefers females
+ ... Will rip you a new one if given a good reason
+ ... Is a chatty-cathy
+ ... Thinks gender-bending and androgony are beautiful
+ ... Has countless original characters living in her head
+ ... Is kinky and not ashamed to talk about it
+ ... Manages to be a geek, dork, and ghetto all at the same time
+ ... Vows to one day own a family of BJDs
+ ... Has more sympathy for animals than humans
+ ... Is probably a little crazy, but generally harmless
+ ... Listens to: Dir en Grey, Gazette, Lareine, My Chemical Romance, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, hide, Violet UK, Yoshiki, X Japan, Coheed and Cambria, The Mars Volta, Ayumi Hamasaki, Tackey & Tsubasa, Korn, David Bowie, Evanescence, Bowling For Soup, Janne da Arc, Nightmare, Pierrot, Moon Hee Jun, HIM, The Trax, System of a Down, Shiina Ringo, Lucifer Luscious Violenue, Chris Daughtry, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Kid Rock, Live, Rascal Flatts, Hoobastank, Linkin Park, Misono, Fuel, Kiroro, Matsu Takako, Nickleback, Speena, Staind, The Seeker, Vidoll, Wyse, Cinema Bizzare, 30 seconds to Mars, AFI, Apocalyptica, Disturbed, LMC, Nin Inch Nails, Papa Roach, Saliva, Scum of the Earth, Stone Sour, Trapt, DJ Tiesto, Sunrise Avenue, Three Days Grace

Warnings: Is rated NC-17 for sexual content, coarse language and slight insanity. Handle with care. Do not shake. Always lift with the legs and never leave the cap off the toothpaste... Or someone may drop a fifty-ton safe on your head. (You so get points if you recognize the joke here >.>)


:My BJD Wishlist:




abe no seimei, advent children, aestheticism, afi, alice cooper, alichino, androgyny, angel sanctuary, angels, anime, apocalyptica, art, asian kung-fu generation, astrology, ayumi hamasaki, ball jointed dolls, billy idol, blood, bowling for soup, bunko kanazawa, cats, cerberus project, chocolate, cinema bizarre, cockyboys, coheed and cambria, college basketball, corrupt angels, corsets, csi, dane cook, david bowie, demons, dir en grey, disturbed, dj sisen, dolling, dolls, drag queens, earthquakes, eddie izzard, eldonia, erotica, evanescence, ever after, fanfiction, ferrets, fiction, final fantasy, fuel, fushigi yuugi, gazette, geisha, gender bending, genji monotagari, girly boys, glamour lust, gothic lolita, gundam wing, h.o.t, harry potter, haru wo daiteita, hellsing, hide, him, hinder, horror movies, hoshi no yakata, house, html, j-pop, j-rock, janne da arc, japan, japanese, k-rock, katsuno, kiroro, kisekae, kyo, lareine, lesbian, lilo and stitch, linkin park, lm.c, luts, machi, margaret cho, markkastanen, michelle rodriguez, misono, moon hee jun, morning glories, muses, music, mutilated angels, my chemical romance, my original characters, nightmares, nyago, onmyouji, original fiction, pixel art, playstation, pretty boys, punk, queer as folk, rascal flatts, rock music, role playing, roller derby, ronin warriors, saving abel, scum of the earth, seimaden, sensitive pornograph, sephiroth, sex, sheena ringo, shounen onmyouji, silent hill, slash, slytherin, smut, snails, spongebob, stone sour, subeta, suikoden, surrealism, survival horror, system of a down, tackey & tsubasa, tekken, the musai, the sims, tough girls, unc, video games, vidoll, ville valo, volcanoes, watari, wolves, writing, wyse, yaoi, yoshiki, yuri